[Update] Twitter Spaces begins rolling out more widely on Android


Twitter Spaces — the social firm’s take on the drop-in-drop-out voice chatrooms made popular by Clubhouse — now appear to be rolling much more widely on Android.

Spaces have been very slowly rolling out to those already enrolled upon the Twitter beta program, but it looks as though more users are seeing the option on their devices. However, Like Clubhouse, Spaces allow you to create a chatroom that practically anyone can join, provided they have the original broadcast or chatroom link.

Twitter Spaces for Android was only officially announced as coming back at the start of March 2021, so to begin rolling out far more widely is very impressive. As we have mentioned, the “Spaces” option is now more widely available on Android. To check if you can create your own Space, just tap the “Compose” button and an expanded FAB should give you “Spaces” alongside “Photos” and “Gif.” We’re seeing the option on multiple accounts and devices right now, meaning the rollout is well underway.

Reporter from 9to5google said Creating a Twitter Space on Android is no different from iOS, as you can invite up to 10 active speakers, while anyone with the link will be able to drop in and listen to the audio chat unfold. You can give your Space a name and when live, it will appear to your followers in the same area in which Twitter Stories live — right at the top of home feeds.

We’re still waiting for Clubhouse to come to Android, but while the developers flounder to get it ready for the world’s biggest mobile OS, expect every other app to integrate their own take on the Discord-style voice chat channels.

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