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YouTube is Testing Time-linked Comments On Videos Like We have in Live Stream broadcast

The new YouTube experiment seems thrilling as its trying out time-linked comments system such that video comments will appear at the exact time you’re watching a video.

In familiarities, it’s the exact same as we have it some several other streaming services such as sound cloud more so like when chats appear on YouTube livestream replays. However, these time-linked comments feature is only available for a small set of YouTube users Smartcoretech is yet to be presented with the option on any of our accounts.

Should you indeed get the privilege to try it out in any way, tapping the comment sort button will bring up a new “Time Beta” this will further show the aforementioned time-specific remark within a YouTube video. It will help prevent spoilers in certain video publication, or could have the completely negative effect with more comment spam than they have already on the video streaming platform.

YouTube says: We’re currently testing a new feature that allows you to view comments timed to the exact moment you’re watching in a video. This experiment is available on some videos to a small group of people and we’ll consider rolling this out more broadly based on feedbacks. To see if you’re part of the experiment, go to the comments section on iOS or Android, and tap the Sort button to select “Timed Beta”.

As with just about any YouTube beta program, there is no specific reason to what features get rolled out and what ends up being adopted more widely. Time-linked comments sure would be an interesting addition to YouTube video system, but we guess those lucky enough to see the beta feature will have to let us know how it works in practice.

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