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You can Now Control Playback Speed On YouTube TV Web

YouTube Tv on Laptop, non live stream content – Credit: 9to5google

In this current fast-paced world were majority of us prefer fastening up things and watching videos to save the most valuable time we have, Youtube tv has been one of the fast-growing streaming service to offer audios and video streaming. with this new update that has arrived on the streaming service, it is now possible to control the playback speed of the movie or film you are watching.

However, this new feature arrival is only available on the web version of the streaming service. It’s lets you control the playback speed, In addition, the interface and functionality are much similar to that of YouTube’s.

As at when launched you could only control is content viewing that aren’t live streamed but you can set the speed to 0.25, 0.5x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x, but there’s no option to set a custom speed.

YouTube TV playback speed setting

Now it is available for both recorded (DVR) and live streaming content, simply tap the gear icon in the bottom-right corner. You will find “Speed” is now the first menu item with standard increments available: 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, Normal, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 2.

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Android Police first mentioned this prior to launch in a post and now as it is widely available, 9to5google also published a notice on the release. Playback speed controls help YouTube TV achieve feature parity with other instances of the YouTube player. It will presumably also be available for the mobile interface in the future, which will come as speeding up videos and podcasts that is very common today.

Meanwhile, user interface and functionality for YouTube TV is really quite mature at this moment. Google plans to introduce an add-on that will allow for 4K streaming and offline downloads of DVR content, but the company is yet to detail how much that will cost.

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