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MyDailyCash By Win Glory International Limited Review

In todays review on possible ways of earning money online we will be talking about MyDailyCash earning app.

I’m prompted to write this review post because of the frequent question i receive from most readers and followers about the authenticity of the paying app, if it is legit and really paying or not?.

Before we dive into the pros and cons the supposed paying platform app, it is best that we know all about the app. Its background and how it functions.

What is MyDailyCash App by Win Glory International Limited?

The MyDailyCash app is a earning app and platform owned by a USA based company known as Win Glory International Limited. The company is in partnership with several other company’s like some apps development and survey company’s to make earning on the Win Glory app known as MyDailyCash possible.

MyDailyCash is a google certified app that is available to anyone and everyone not minding the location or region of the intend user.

The app pays you to try out and participate in offering products and tasks presented by its partners which is either to install an app and then run of a minimum of 30 seconds or taken short of lengthy surveys.

As a first intend user the apps gives you a 50 points welcome bonus to kick start your journey in earning from them. you can earn as low as 3 points per task and as high as 21-100 points on some tasks too. The earnings sorely depends on the kind of task your are taking.

The app also pays you an additional 10points each for intending campaign. That is you get to earn an additional free 10 points for every friend who gets to download the app and sign up using your unique referral link and code number.

Meanwhile, every points gathered or earned on the MyDailyCash app is regarded as American cents in terms of payment (50 points = 50 cents) and the minimum number of points to gather before a user can request payout is 250 points ($2.50) which is the minimum payout threshold, however users can choose to leave their earnings on the app to keep increasing and then request for a one time large payout as per the users choice.

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Background Info And Launch Date

The owner of the Win Glory International Limited is unknown so also the MyDailyCash. But From all background checks, the platform happens to be a new platform not old. According to Whois Lookup by namecheap, the platform was Launched around January this year 2021.

Methods Of Earning

  • Taking Tasks such as installation of apps and running them for 30 seconds
  • Taking short and lengthy surveys on the app
  • You can also earn by referral. That is referring your friends to the app

Method of Payment

The app only pays via PayPal method. After signing up, you are to click on the money sign below the app screen and enter you Paypal email for payment. minimum payment threshold is 250 points ($2.50)

How To Sign Up on MyDailyCash app

  • First Click here to download and install the app from google playstore, after that open it the app is only available to android users.
  • Now enter your phone number and a desired password, after successfully installing the app, and an OTP sign up code will be sent to the registered phone.
  • Note the following code number as you are to enter it where required to get the 50 points signup bonus (Code- 999997)
  • After entering all that, click on continue
  • Now enter the OTP. you will be logged in automatically remember the code 999997 else you wont get the sign up bonus

After the app must have logged you in navigate to the money page and enter your PayPal Payment email address and save it

How To Withdraw Your Money on MyDaily Cash

  • First open the app
  • Next click on the money page at the bottom of the screen
  • Now click on Get Money.


  • Quick withdrawal as minimum threshold for withdrawal is $2.50


  • Owner of MyDailyCash app is unknown
  • PayPal is the only method of withdrawal which is a con for users with no paypal account. You can click here to learn how to open a paypal account that can send an receive money in Nigeria
  • You have to install and run apps which sometimes can be huge in size or take lengthy surveys to earn more

MyDailyCash Payment Proof

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