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Gemini Users Can Now Buy Cryptocurrency Using Apple Pay and Google Pay


According to foreign media reports, starting 25th of April Gemini users in the united state will be free to purchase cryptocurrencies via Apple and Google Pay. Gemini is a large-scale cryptocurrency trading platform based in the United States, prior now its users were unable to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin through Apple Pay and Google Pay on the app but a recent notice from the company solves that.

In a statement released on Thursday, it says that Gemini users will now be able to use their Apple Pay or Google Pay to purchase cryptocurrencies on the platform. The company went on to say that users can not only purchase currency but also withdraw cash within an hour after purchase.

This feature supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies. A Gemini spokesperson elaborated:

“All tokens except DAI can be purchased through Apple Pay and Google Pay.”

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In recent times, the integration of the cryptocurrency industry with traditional financial payment services has continued to expand. However, the month of February 2021, crypto payment provider BitPay also announced a major integration plan with Apple Pay, allowing its users to connect to Apple Wallet and use cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services, such as BTC, ETH, and LTC.

Further in March 2021, the crypto payment company Simplex also followed suite by allowing Apple Pay users to purchase COTI cryptocurrency.

Inline with this there is no more doubt that the traditional payment system is really growing and further expanding its leverage in the world of finance.

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