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Apple’s IOS 14.5 Update and Features

By Brandi Marcene

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Prior now we spoke about Apple releasing a new update to its os 14.5, If you an iOS user looking for information about the long-awaited iOS 14.5 update by Apple? Well, you are in the right place, as this post will give you insight into what Apple has in store for you with the upcoming update and features you can expect.

The initial release date was for February 2021 but got delay and is not going to come out sometime in April this year. However, the public beta version is already available for anyone too curious. iOS 14.5 will offer new features, such as if you own an Apple Watch, you will be able to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask.

Moreover, apps will require your permission before they can track your activities and data. You will get new Siri voice options. Other minor updates include redesign for News, podcast, and reminder apps.

Major New Features with iOS 14.5

The latest updates by Apple are going to offer several useful features to its users. Let us look into them one-by-one.

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AirPlay now Supports Fitness Plus Working Streaming

The new iOS 14.5 update will now let you use Apple Fitness Plus and stream your workouts directly to any AirPlay-compatible devices or TVs.

Bigger Emojis Library

Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update will include 217 new emoticons. You will also be able to choose the variation of skin tone. Some of the upcoming emojis will now have new faces, heart on fire, and other funny facial expressions.

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Choose Your Siri Voice

Siri does not come in a female voice by default anymore. With the latest update, you will be able to choose the digital assistant’s voice from several options as per your preference. This will also include two new Siri voices for English speakers.

Choose Your Default Music Player

Apple Music is not for everyone, especially when you are switching from a different mobile operating system. With the new update, you will get to choose and set a music player you prefer as default, such a Spotify. Privacy Chances to App TrackingThe apps will now require your permission to track your activities and data.

Privacy Chances to App Tracking

The apps will now require your permission to track your activities and data.

5G Dual-SIM Support

If you own an iPhone 12, you will have access to Dual SIM support. This means you will now be able to use your phone’s SIM slot as well as digital eSIM to use two services simultaneously.

Support for Console Controller

With the new update, you will get support for Xbox Series X and PS5 controllers to play games on your tablets and iPhone.

Unlocking iPhone via Apple Watch

During COVID-19 lockdown, when we are reluctant to go out without a mask, taking it off every time you wish to unlock your iPhone may pose a health risk. Therefore, iOS 14.5 will now allow you to unlock your iPhone using via your Apple Watch without the need to remove your mask.

The Compatible Devices

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