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Siri Gets New Voice See How To Change The Defaults Voice

Microsoft has recently terminated it’s version of AI Assistant cortana on Android and iPhone devices and immediately Apple is adding additional voices to its own AI Assistant for users on iOS 14.5 to select from.

Prior now, the default voice for Apple’s Siri assistant has been stereo and typically female voice-sounding. However, that ain’t the case anymore since the expected launch of iOS 14.5.

Research shows that having AI assistants default to female-sounding voices can enforce harmful stereotypes, though Apple has tried to fix that in its upcoming iOS 14.5, which is now in beta.

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The Verge says upon updating your iphone to iOS 14.5, you’ll be prompted to pick a default voice for Siri, I line with that Apple is also adding two new additional voice options for users to select from.

If you are already using the iOS 14.5 beta and weren’t prompted to change your default voice assistant and would like to change it kindly follow through with this guide to find out how you can change that.

How To Change Default Siri Voice Assistant on iOS 14.5

Changing the default voice of your assistant on iOS 14.5 is Is a simple process.

~ First, go to the Settings app, and then locate then to Siri & Search,

Image credit: The verge

~ Now tap on Siri Voice, here, you’ll be presented with a list of options to choose from.

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However right now the only voice variety available is the American At the moment, the American, Australian, British, Indian, Irish, and South African versions which only have two and additional four US voice variety which are:

Voice 1: is a soft-spoken male-sounding voice
Voice 2: is an energetic, confident female-sounding voice
Voice 3: ounds much similar to Voice 2 but male-sounding.

Finally, Voice 4, which is similar to the default Siri voice we are used to that’s been around all these years.

Before any voice can be selected for use it will have to be downloaded from apple. You will need to Tap on a voice to play a snippet of it which will respond saying “Hi, I’m Siri.

Now Choose the voice you’d like me to use.” If you choose voices 1–3, and download it before it can be activated. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stay in the Settings app while it Downloads as it can be carried out in the background.

Once it’s finished downloading, Siri will respond with your chosen voice.

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