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How To Prevent Unknown persons From Adding You To Instagram Groups Without Your Notice

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Now the ongoing trend and method of spamming which has come to Instagram users is the strategy of group spamming, you receive anonymous notice on group messages you are being added to by perhaps fake and unknown accounts on Instagram which thus not only adds you up but as well add up load of other unknown victims perhaps for the basis of promotion and starting an IG TV but while in some cases for other motives. However, depending on the kind of accounts you have, you it might not be relevant you stop it but there is something you could do to prevent it from happening again.

If perhaps you run a Business Instagram Account or perhaps a knowledgeable Instagram profile, you’re no doubt in lucky. you can thus control who other Instagram users who can add you to groups. In order to this, you need to follow the steps below

How To Prevent Unknow Instagram Group Adding

In order to prevent your account from being added to instagram groups,

1~ Kindly Open your Instagram app and navigate to your Profile. Tap the three-line menu icon at the top-right corner.

How to prevent being added to groups

2~ Next, Navigate to settings on the menu and tap it. After that, click on Privacy

Instagram privacy
  1. 3. Now locate messages and click on it scroll down a little you will find “who can add me to groups” click on it and on the next screen, change it to only those I follow.
Click on Message
who can add you to group
  1. Now as stated above here you’re to select ” those I follow as shown below are that you can leave the settings menu as you’re done with what you need to do.
Only people you follow on instagram

  1. If your Instagram account is a private account, just like most individuals instagram accounts there’s currently nothing you can do about the group add spamming —even if your account is about on non-public. Thus, this was the case as of March 2021. Yes, However, we’re hopeful that Instagram will roll out a fix soon.

Meanwhile, for users with a private instagram account, three options you could possible try though its not a fix to the issue but it will prevent you from getting all the interruption from the groups.

  1. Turn off notifications for group requests.
  2. Leave the group.
  3. Block the account that added you.

To turn off notifications for group requests, go to your Profile on instagram again, tap the hamburger icon at the right within the top-right corner, then tap Settings > Notifications > Direct Messages.

Next, Under Group Requests, tap “Off.”
in this case, whenever you get added to groups unknowingly, won’t receive any push notification.

  • Next option, To leave a group chat, first, tap the “i” icon in the top-right corner of the chat.
  • Tap “Leave Chat” under the list of chat members, then tap “Leave.”

If you want to go as far as blocking the account from adding you to such groups next time, tap the three little dots next to the account’s name under Members.

Then tap “Block” to block that chat.
No doubt this will prevent the spammers from re-adding you to such groups.

Another thing you could is to report the group as spam but know this, it wont remove you from the group as a member neither will it block the sender.

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