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How To Connect Gmail To Telegram To Receive And Reply To Emails

How To Connect Gmail To Telegram
Linking gmail and Telegram

Have you ever wondered how possible this is to connect your gmail accounts to your Telegram app so as to enable you receive, send and reply to your Gmail emails right from your telegram account app without leaving the app?

First of all, why would you want to link your gmail account to your telegram account so as to respond to emails from the telegram app?

Well, this is because it gives you easy access and flexibility of your emails. for example you are very fund of telegram and has made it your favourite messaging app, that means you will no doubt spend more time on its like most users do until the notice of the change in WhatsApp Policy which made most users who already made the app their best app for messaging to switch to Telegram and Signal app.

How To Set Gmail in telegram
Click Authorize

Benefit of Linking Your Gmail Account To Your Telegram Account

  1. While on your telegram app chatting, you can receive incoming gmail emails right into the app and also respond to the the emails using the app.

2. Saves you the time of loading and refreshing your gmail inbox for incoming messages as every new mails comes straight to your telegram inbox as well as your gmail inbox too.

3. You can easily reply to emails from the telegram app

4. You can easily delete new emails that are relevant from your inbox using the telegram app once connected.

5. You can also unsubscribe from promotional mails from platforms using the telegram app

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6. Another great thing is the fact that you can indeed forward mails to other recipients using the app.

7. With or without the gmail app installed, or on sleep mode since that is what most users do now so as to save a ton of memory space from their device ram you can still receive emails directly to telegram.

How To Link Gmail Account To Telegram App

In order to link your gmail account to your telegram account you will need the help of a telegram bot know as Gmailbot, the bot was made and published by google for this reason with that assurance it is secure to use.

  1. Open your telegram app and click on the search icon at the top right corner
  2. Now search for “GmailBot” the bot holds a blue verification badge next to it and a gmail logo
  3. Click on the bot to open the chat section, follow the prompt from the bot to set it up
  4. Type “/start” to kick start the bot, after that it will request you grant it access to your gmail account
  5. Click on the link presented by the bot to open your gmail account and grant it access
Replying to emails on telegram
Select your reply

After granting the Bot access to your gmail, it will return you back the chat section on telegram

6. Now type the same keyword again “/Start”

Great! you can now receive emails and reply to them without leaving the app

Telegram Notice

How To Reply To Emails On Telegram

  • When you receive an email message on the bot chat, an option will be presented to you under the email labeled as “Action”
  • Now click on the button and you will be presented with several options indicated by an icon, select your reply noting the following:
  • A back arrow button, an Eye, box, and a basket. Click on “eye” to mark the mail as read, click on the basket to delete the mail, then the box to archive the email.
  • Now Click on the “Reply” button to respond to the email
  • After which you can start typing the reply.

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