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Apple Reportedly Third Largest Tablets Seller in India Year 2020

Apple Third Largest Tablets Seller in India Year 2020

Last year, Apple happen to have enjoyed quite considerable profit in the Indian tablet market. Meanwhile, growing its market share and increasing shipments by 13% year-on-year, according to the data shared by IDC 

In the year 2020, Apple replaced the local Indian maker iBall to become the third-largest shipper of tablets in the country. However, Compared to 2019, the company saw its shipments of the iPad increased by 13% demand whilst still “struggled with stock availability throughout the year.”

The tech giant happen to fall short compared to its closest rivals, meanwhile, the likes of Lenovo and Samsung which happen to be the top two manufacturers for tablets in India, saw their shipments grow by more than 150% each compared to their shipment of last two years. 

furthermore, one of the significant factor adding to that was that both companies offered cheaper, low-end tablets compared to Apple’s ‌iPad‌ line.

In 2020, millions of students work from home, and stronger ‌iPad‌ and other tablet sales have largely resulted to the learn-from-home period then. Apple happen to release a new low-end ‌iPad‌ during the year, alongside a redesigned iPad Air. This launch of the new ‌iPad‌ models and Apple’s online store were the key factor that likely played the roles in Apple’s market share increase in India.

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