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How To Share Screen On Microsoft Teams

How To Share Screen On Microsoft Teams

In the past few years including now, numerous online video conferencing platforms have been emerging due to the current world pandemic, offices and business are being forced back behind to work remotely form the comfort of their homes. 

Hence, the introduction of several video conferencing platform in order to enable this staffs and company Management to meet up remotely in video conference meeting. This has thus been much of a help to business and company owners to still meet with employees and discuss strategic methods to move their businesses forward as it’s the primary goal of every established company. 

Nevertheless, since  the current world crisis and beforehand, we have gotten the likes of  Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facebook room, Google meet and many others which has thus become quite popular amongst it’s consumers ever since they arrived. 

In addition, Microsoft Teams can be used on both desktops as well as smartphones. You can work around with several features to make your office work easy. 

Also,There is a feature where you can also share your screen with your colleagues for users utilizing the Microsoft team video platform , I’ll be showing you how you can possibly share your screen while on Microsoft Video meeting.

Do well to follow every bit of steps to be elaborated in this post.

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How To Share Screen On Microsoft Team

 1- Open Microsoft Teams on your desktop or smartphone to get started.

2 – Now locate the ‘Share’ tab from the UI. Click on this option.

3 – Once the above step is complete you will be presented with several options that you can share. Amongst the available options are Desktop, Window, PowerPoint, and Browse.

4 – Select the ideal sharing option. The first option lets you share the entire screen and the second option will allow you to share a specific Window. You will be able to share a presentation using the PowerPoint option. Whereas, the Browse option will let you share any document stored on your device.

5- You can stop sharing your screen once you are done with the above steps.

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