South Korea To End 2G Service Operation By First Quarter of The Year

South Korea To End 2G Services Operation First Quarter of The Year

Since the commercialization of 5G continues to grow and expand in special regions, older connectivity solutions will go into extinction. in line with this, latest reviews that emerged from the South Korean telecom operator, LG U+ (LG Uplus) on Friday said that it'll stop providing 2G services soon before the end of June 2021. This move marks the complete stop of South Korea’s 2G network service.

Consistent with LG U+, the enterprise has applied to the authorities to terminate 2G enterprise operations and will determine the precise time restriction for terminating the carrier. Prior to this, SK Telecom, one of the  different telecommunications operators in South Korea, terminated its 2G provider in middle month of the year 2020, and also Korea Telecom (KT) closed its 2G network as early as 2012.

South Korea To End 2G Services Operation First Quarter of The Year

In keeping up with the records from the South Korean Ministry of ICT, as of the end of November last year,  LG U+ had 374,000 2G customers, with 2.5% of the operator’s 14.8 million users. LG U+ stated that with the shutdown of the 2G enterprise, the agency will focus on enhancing 5G offerings.

At present, the company has 2.5 million users currently on the 5G service. According to reports, South Korea first released 2G mobile offerings in 1996. Which means the 2G network in South Korea lasted for 25 years and now about to be terminated.

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