How To Check Your NIMC (NIn) Number With Your Phone Via USSD

How To Check Your NIMC (NIn) Number With Your Phone Via USSD

With the aid of this article, all users can be able to check their NIN number as the code to be provided in this article was made available by NIMC itself, kindly read on to find out how to go about confirming your NIN number.

Since the federal government mandated that every registered SIM card should be linked with the owner’s Nation Identity Number(NIN) it becomes necessary to know your NIN so as to validate it with your Phone number, if you have enrolled for the National Identity Card with the NIMC but have not been issued your card(Temporal and Permanent) then you can check your NIN following the instructions on this page.

How To Check Your National Identity(NIN) Number With Your Phone

Follow the instructions below to retrieve your National Identity Number(NIN) using your phone, this can be done using any phone type since it’s USSD based

1~ Open your phone Dialer and dial *346#, your NIN will be displayed, so can copy it

You will be charged N20 per check, so make sure you have up to that amount on your Phone

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Note: To Successfully show your National Identity Number(NIN) via the USSD above the phone number(SIM) you are dialing the code on must be same as the one you used in enrolling for the NIMC Card.

That’s all on how you can check and retrieve your NIN number.

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