Twitter Fleet Story Rolled Out- How To Activate


How to activate twitter fleet story

Twitter has finally rolled out fleet stories share for users to quickly share awesome moments and tweet they wish to be viewed by followers and of which it would be automatically deleted after 24hrs.

With this unique update, twitter lovers can now make a quick fleet story on your Twitter app and share to followers, just as we have in it's subcomponent apps like Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

It was noted as of this morning on the SmartcoreTech twitter just as we logged into our app, it became visible after a recent update on the app. Again it was observed from the recent update which was carried out 3days ago that after the update such feature wasn't seen until early today we were able to see stories of contacts who already used the story feature.

To also confirm the twitter stories feature, We had to make a quick story share and yes it was live, tested and confirmed.

For users who are yet  to see the fleet stories icon on their app, we suggest you carry out a quick update to your Twitter app on google playstore or apple appstore.

Once updated allow a minimum of 3days and the fleet feature will start showing on your Twitter app while for some firmwares it's an instant.

Please leave a comment below if you've tried out the twitter fleet story and your experience thank you.

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