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MTN launches A New Service To Help Identify Callers Called WhoDeyCall

MTN WhoDeyCall service helps MTN customers identify the caller ID of a person calling their MTN line. Hence For those of you who are aquainted with Truecaller, you should understand how this works. just as Truecaller  will  show you blocked, unknown, and spam phone numbers so also the MTN WhoDeyCall service as well.

in addition, this MTN service is thus considered to way better than that of Truecaller in the sense that it doesn’t your active internet connection to see the caller ID of any caller. It can be use with or without the availability of the internet. 

However, the WhoDeyCall service is not free to use as you’re required to subscribe to any plans available for the service. below is the activation prices and durability period as well as how to go about activation the MTN WhoDeyCall service.

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How to Activate MTN WhoDeyCall service

You can subscribe to the WhoDeyCall service either via SMS or USSD. To subscribe to this service via SMS, you need to send the following keyword to 5058.

  • SC1 –Subscribe for 24 hours, costs NGN5.
  • SC2 –Subscribe for 7 days, costs NGN30.
  • SC3 –Subscribe for 30 days, costs NGN50.

or via USSD, you need to dial ∗5058# then choose an option in the menu that pops up.

  • The daily plan costs N5.
  • The weekly plan costs N30.
  • The monthly plan costs N50.

Who are eligible for this service?

the good thing is that both postpaid and prepaid customers are entitled to this service, and thus, you don’t need to worry about device eligibility. This service is available to all devices too.

How to opt-out of MTN WhoDeyCall service

You can unsubscribe from the service at any time by texting  the Keyword <STOP> to 5058, or you can also unsubscribe from the service by dialing ∗5058#, then you reply with 4.

There is a free trial for this service that would have you use this service for a minimum of 7 days without paying a dime then after that you will then be charged. To do so, send “FREE” to “5058” via SMS. You have the option to stop the free trial. To do so, SMS “STOP FREE” to “5058.” The free trial is one-off. If you send the keyword to 5058, you will be charged N30.

Note, as an active WhoDeyCall subscriber, you have the option to modify your caller name at no cost. You can do so by sending “Name Preferred Name” to 5058 via SMS.

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