How To Earn $10 And Up To $50 From Cash Camel Survey


Here again is another new paying app for SmartcoreTech followers that is currently paying users for utilizing the the app and platform. Thus you can earn $10 and as high as $50-$100 if you are a consistent with the app use. In addition, we will be showing you how to successfully make money online from this new paying survey app known as Cash Camel.


Yes survey app! As we know it, there numerous numbers of survey paying apps and platforms on the internet, over time, we have shared the likes of Eureka Survey, YouGov survey (US), YouGov Survey (UK), YouGov Singapore, Zap Surveys as well as many other different methods of earning money online aside Survey taking you can definitely check them out here.


We will be talking about Cash Camel Survey app today and how you can possibly earn from it without any hassle.

Unlike our previously shared Eureka Survey which thus limit us to the taking of paid surveys which is in fact the only primary means of earning from it, Cash Camel expands more than that. Hence you can as well basically partake in paid surveys and earn from them and in addition as well you can engage in paid-to-do-tasks, these are small tasks presented to you from the app which you can engage in and at the end you will get paid for partaking and also other earning means which are also present within the app if you can utilize them very well, you can aspect to cash out $50-$100 on your first cash out which is thus more than the required amount for cashing out as the required amount for cash out is just $10. yes! $10 just like Eureka, hence without further ado let us proceed to showing you how you can download, sign up and begin your first earning process from this app.


Requirements For Making Money On Eureka Surveys

1. The Cash Camel app which can be downloaded from here.

2. A valid PayPal account. Click here for detailed information on how to create and manage a valid PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria and countries with limited PayPal use or restriction.

3. A strong VPN. You can thus download any of our recommenced vpn from the below list or use any vpn already present on your mobile or tablet device

• Download Melon VPN here

• Download Turbo VPN here.

• Download Edoztunnel VPN here.

4. A valid email address.

5. Your ability to read and follow up the instructions on this page strictly.

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How To Register On Cash Camel

1~ Ensure you Device location is turned off, Open and connect your preferred VPN to USA since this is a US survey.


2~Click here to download and install the cash camel app


3~ After which you have installed the app, open the app and you will be presented with a welcome message.


4~ Sign up with your details which includes your valid email address, a verification code will be sent to your email address, Enter the verification code  and proceed to attempt your first survey known as welcome survey which will thus


Note: ensure you use you PayPal email for easy and faster cash out  


5~ like I earlier mention, you will be presented with your first survey of $0.2, which is tagged as welcome survey, click to open the survey.

6~ At this point you will be asked to fill your profile;


Note: Always use age of 35 and above and ensure your vpn is always connected, your country IP United States.

*Relationship status should be married.

*Profession IT

* You should always use two children under the age of 18.

With all this in mind, you shouldn't have any problem qualifying for surveys.


How To Withdraw Your Earnings From Cash Camel


Your earnings can be withdrawn from the app as soon as your earnings hit $10, furthermore, to withdraw your earnings,


1~ login to your dashboard and click on your balance like Eureka to access the withdrawal section on the app,


2~ Next You will be presented with a field to enter your paypal tag or email. To find out how to open a PayPal account that can send and receive funds in Nigeria click here for the detailed guide

3~ Enter your tag or email address and click on the submit button to submit the request. Withdrawals are proceeded within 24hrs of request. Just wait patiently you will receive your earnings in your paypal account.


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