How To Use Your Phone As PC Mouse And Keyboard



 In today's article we will be showing you how you can be able to use your android or iOS device as mouse or keyboard for PC. Let's say in a case you have docked your laptop to your TV and are enjoying your show and you need to select the next episode. But you are so comfortable and wouldn't feel lie getting up, well, since you’ve got your phone with you, you can possibly use your suppose smartphone to achieve that. Here’s how to use it as a remote mouse and keyboard for your laptop.

There are numerous applications that can allow you to do this but the exact app we will be talking about today is Mouse Server for PC Which can be downloaded from here

Why this tool? It is simple and light, unlike others of it kind we have tried most other once too try to jam packed everything into one application thus making it very heavy and in they end yielding nothing.

How To Download and Setup Mouse Server

For this to work, you need to download the Mouse Server application on your PC or Mac from

1. Click here to head on to the Download portal of the WiFi Mouse website and download the tool for your respective device/OS.


2. After downloading the PC Version, you will also need to download the same app for your iOS or Android device. However, for Android, we recommend that you install WiFi Mouse which can be downloaded from here.

use smartphone as mouse keyboard

3. After downloading and installing both clients, connect the PC and the smartphone device to the same WiFi network and you are good to go!

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4. Once you’ve installed both applications and connected both devices to the same network, simply launch the application on your computer by double clicking on the desktop icon, shortly afterwards, you should see a toast notification on the notification tray with an IP Address like in the image below.

use smartphone as mouse keyboard
Use Smartphone as Mouse and Keyboard

5. Now, pick up your smartphone and launch the WiFi Mouse application. Give it a moment and you should see your device pop up. Click on it and you’ll be presented with a trackpad.

That is it, you can go on and use your device as a trackpad for your Laptop as long as they’re both connected to the WiFi network, you have nothing to worry about.

If you need to type something on your screen, simply tap on the Keyboard icon and it’ll pop up. Type away!

Do you use a similar tool you know is productive and would like to share kindly reach us through our contact us page otherwise leave a comment down below thank you.

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