The Weirdest Phone Of The Year 2020: LG Wing


The amazing LG's Wing swing-out second display should give the Galaxy Z Fold 2 an affordable rival

This device as seen in the image has a dual screen design with the primary screen 6.8 inches.

The device is built with another screen a little less measured 4 inches than the primary display screen capable of rotating in competition with the Samsung Galaxy Z fold wish is capable of folding into a single mobile phone and also expand to a tablet but in this case, This panel reportedly flips out in a twisting motion from the body of the handset.

The company is shaking things up with a literal twist on dual displays, the ability of the LG's Wing dual screen Rotation gives it the T-Shap as seen in the image above.

LG Wing

A new video obtained by Android Authority provides shows a live look at the LG Wing and how the second screen could be used. The use case is intriguing, hence the LG Wing should be a lot more affordable compared to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is expected to cost about $2,000.

In the video (Screenshot above) we can see a person driving with the LG Wing placed on the dashboard. The main display has a GPS navigation app running, while the second screen is running a music app. This could be a convenient way to multitask even more, though we’d expect most people to use their car stereo for music.

As a call comes in, we see the notification pop up on the second display, then the person taps to answer the call. The best thing about this scenario is that the navigation screen never gets interrupted.

There could be plenty of other applications for the LG Wing’s secondary display, from gaming to giving photographers and videographers more controls while providing a much larger live preview.

Watch Video Down Below


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