Airtel 0.0kb Free Browsing Via The Samsung Max VPN

We will be introducing you to the Samsung Max VPN  this VPN is very easy to setup and connect in less than 5 seconds. Interesting right?

You don't need to create any account like the Droid VPN.

Note: For this VPN tweak to work you shouldn't have any airtime or data on your SIM.

Without wasting much time, let's go straight to the settings.


> Download the Samsung Max VPN Here
Or refer and download the older version of the app Here if the newer version connects but refuses to browse as complained by some users
> After that install the app
> Download the operamini web browser Here if you don't already have it, after that install and launch the app.
> Try Opening any web page and stay on the browser untill you get a pop up telling you about the free Operamini 50mb offer

> Click ok, then open another web page on the browser to be certain.


> Now minimize the app and launch the Samsung Max VPN you downloaded from the link above.

> Set the Samsung Max VPN as follows below:

>Upgrade to the premium plan as shown above then toggle to the option and click on connect

On the main page, activate Mobile data saving mode and Privacy protection.

>Now tick the mobile data saving and privacy policy options.
> Just wait for some few seconds then starts browsing

> You will be able to power all pass with this.

That's all. The Samsung Max VPN is stable and doesn't disconnect

Note: This 2020 free browsing tweak is powered by opera and is capped at 50Mb daily

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