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Prime Day Sale: How To Get Amazon Prime Subscription From Airtel, Vodafone

Note Prime Day sale is specially announced for its Prime members, which means that other users cannot participate in the sale. But chill! If you are using Airtel or Vodafone-Idea user and you are using these packs,  you can get the benefit of the Prime Day Sale.

Firstly, We are going to list some of the postpaid and prepaid plans from both operators that offer you Prime sale benefit.
Vodafone Postpaid Plans That Offers Amazon Prime Services
At present, Vodafone is offering Amazon services with six plans that start from Rs. 499 and goes up to Rs. 1,099. The first plan of Rs. 499 is offering 75GB data and 100 messages. This plan also offers a data rollover facility up to 200GB and Amazon Prime subscription for one year. Then, there is Rs. 699 plan, where you get unlimited data, 100 messages, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and access to Vodafone Play for one year.
The Rs. 589 is providing two connections, 80GB data, and 100 messages. The plan is also offering Vodafone Play, Zee5, Amazon Prime subscription, and data rollover facility. The 80GB data includes (50GB data to a primary connection and 30GB data to secondary connection).
The Rs. 749 is offering three connections 120GB data, data rollover, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and Vodafone Play, while Rs. 999 postpaid plan gets you five connections. 200GB data, 100 messages, and Zee5 subscription. It ships Amazon Prime and Vodafone Play. Lastly, there is a plan of Rs. 1,099 is offering unlimited data, ISD calls at 50 paise, Amazon Prime, and Netflix access.
Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Plans That Ships Amazon Prime Benefit
Airtel is offering Amazon Prime subscription with Rs. 399, Rs. 499, Rs. 749, Rs. 999, and Rs. 1,599. The Rs. 349 is providing Amazon Prime subscription for 28 days. This plan also ships free hello tunes, free online courses, Airtel Xstream Premium, Wynk Music, Rs. 150 discount, and 100 messages.
The Rs. 499 postpaid plan is offering 75GB data, unlimited calling, one-year subscription of one year, Zee5 subscription, Xstream application, and device security. The Rs. 749 gets you 125GB data, two connections, and unlimited local and STD calling. The Rs. 999 is offering 150GB data along with a rollover facility. It includes three connections, 150GB data, Zee5 connection, and Xstream application. Then, there is a plan of Rs. 1,599 where you are offering unlimited data, Amazon Prime, 200 minutes for international calling, 10 percent discount on packs, free add on connection, Zee5, handset security, and Amazon Prime connection.
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